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Long-Term Renting in Mallorca

One of the main concerns of people seeking greener pastures elsewhere besides the location is the new place they will call home. Planning to live abroad is an exciting dream and could quickly be quenched if you cannot find a suitable place to rent while you work, study, looking to buy or transition to retirement. 

A long-term lease generally refers to a lease that is longer than 12 months. Whereas short-term leases generally refer to a lease that is either month-to-month, anything up to six months, or reserved for holiday lets. The advantages of long-term renting will offer more stability with longer agreements, at standard rates for the location you rent in.

Try before you buy

Rentals in Mallorca are becoming increasingly popular as holiday lets. Oftentimes, properties for rent are also available for sale and prospective buyers can leap at the opportunity to try out living in the property first rather than taking the plunge into buying. 

If you want to rent a property in Mallorca and enjoy all the wonderful blessings offered that only comes with living in this paradise, do not hesitate to take advantage of our services.

Our Services for Tenants

If you are a non-Spanish national or do not speak the language, we know the importance of professional guidance when it comes to signing rental contracts in Mallorca. 

We act as an intermediary, introducing tenants to the landlord. The minimum period for our long-term rentals is 12 months.

What to expect:
  • During the selection process, we’ll guide you through each step to guarantee a smooth leasing experience. 
  • We’ll work with you to focus on the neighbourhoods and properties that fit your lifestyle while enjoying what Mallorca has to offer. 
  • We inform you of the services and facilities located in the chosen location guaranteeing you have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • During property visits, we’ll accompany you to resolve any questions or issues that may arise, ensure that the rental conditions are optimal and all services offered are up to date.
  • Our office is made readily available to hold the necessary meetings prior to signing the rental agreement. 
  • If you require a lawyer/solicitor, our legal partners are at your disposal for any concerns and to oversee all necessary documents that must be managed prior to signing the rental agreement with the landlord.

Valuable Advice for Tenants

In order to avoid negative long-term rental experiences, please peruse our recommendations thoroughly:

  • Take your time to consider where you would like to live. As part of our services, we’ll learn what your lifestyle is and focus on neighbourhoods and properties that would best suit your needs. 
  • Visit different locations and regions to decide whether mountains, sea or city is what is essential to your lifestyle. The island may seem small, but it is much bigger than it appears. Ask around, you will find that many commuters rarely drive daily from the east or north to Palma or the southwest.
  • Check the condition of the property’s installations and utilities (e.g. pool, water, heating, electricity), humidity– especially the interiors of older and unoccupied properties, the walls, noise, neighbours, etc.
  • Ask Questions! Ask the agent or landlord everything you want to know before, during and/or after the viewing.
  • Check for extra costs! Ask if there are any additional costs together with the latest bills/invoices and verify that community fees, rates and/or water are included in the lease.
  • If you think the rental rate is too high, not a problem! It is possible to negotiate a rental price on some properties, however, it depends on your form of prepayment.
  • Don’t get blinded by impulse! Once you’ve found the right property, emotions can easily impair logic, making you oblivious to obvious hurdles. Sleep on it and we can review your choice and provide relevant feedback pertaining to your chosen property to affirm your decision.

Long-Term Rentals

Sunshine Properties Mallorca is here to serve you and your best interests to make renting in Mallorca a breeze.

Leasing Properties in Mallorca: The Flexible Alternative to Selling

Real estate in Mallorca is one of the best investments around, especially if you are situated in desirable neighbourhoods. 

Advice for Landlords

If you plan to lease your property in Spain, we recommend seeking legal advice from a lawyer/solicitor who specialises in leasing practices and checks the laws at your regional town hall.

If the market compels you to sell your property, opt to lease your property long-term. You can maximise your returns by converting your property into a long-term rental (>12 months).

Landlords who wish to lease their properties on a non-touristic or long-term basis are generally not required to apply for a special license.

Properties, such as apartments may safely be rented out non-touristically, however, if you own an apartment that is part of a homeowner association “Comunidad de Propietarios”, check whether there are any regulations that restrict leasing your property.

Take advantage of utilising our services to assist with finding trustworthy and reliable Tenants, preparing the proper rental contracts and managing the property for you.

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